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The Carolina IT Professionals Group is committed to the advancement of information technology and to provide education, support, and knowledge relative to the needs, concerns, and issues of information technology professionals in today's rapidly changing technology environment. Further, we are dedicated to giving back to our community through action programs and projects which raise awareness and enhance the lives of our children, senior adults, and needy citizens.

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Engineer Guided Tour of The Surface Pro Four.
Posted: 03/23/2016

Take a look inside the Surface Pro 4 with this Engineer guided tour video.

Click Here for article.

O'Reilly Discount
Posted: 03/23/2016

Join up, it's free, private, and we just added a discount from O'Reilly for 40%-50% off publications.
O'Reilly Discount
Posted: 03/23/2016

Join up, it's free, private, and we just added a discount from O'Reilly for 40%-50% off publications.
O'Reilly Discount
Posted: 03/23/2016

Join up, it's free, private, and we just added a discount from O'Reilly for 40%-50% off publications.
BYOD and EMS Training links.
Posted: 01/16/2016

David Sanders MS Health: Personal Stories
Posted: 01/11/2016

Some inspiring words from David Sanders - President of CITPG:

Dave Sanders MS Health: Personal Stories

  • (Click image to see video)         
Extra Credit EMS/BYOD
Posted: 01/10/2016

Posted: 12/16/2015

During our last meeting, Dave had mentioned we are trying to help Olive White help some local families this Christmas.    This is the family information:

Family 1:

Sisters with 3 children. They need mostly clothes.
Antwan age 4
Tia age 10
Shamikal age 2

Family 2:
Single mother, hard working and barely gets any help from father. Needs clothestoo.
Breonna age 11
Brandon age 8
Bre'shiya age 5
Bre'Ajah age 10

Family 3:
Single mother, works for salvation army. Two girls that are super smart. Theyhave no toys. They don't need clothes.
Tonya age 10
Tiffany age 7
(These girls are so sweet, they don't ask for anything ever)

If anyone wishes to donate money 100% will go to the families.

The location to bring donations is:

La Case Hotel

7900 Nation Ford Rd

Charlotte, NC  

They may only be accepting before 6 pm daily until 12/22/15

We will update if anything changes.

David and Janet Oliver White

OliveWhite Inc. 501C3

4400 Park Rd Suite 316

Charlotte, NC 28209

PH: (704) 605-9776

Under The Surface.
Posted: 10/09/2015

A Must Read:

Inside the Creation of the Microsoft Surface Book
Previous Meetings
Posted: 02/20/2015

Did you know that we record all our meetings?

Did you miss one and wish you hadn't?

Membership has its privileges!

  1. Sign on and select Meetings/Events from the menu on the left.

  2. Select Year from "Past Meetings" on the right.

  3. Select a specific meeting and...

  4. The middle of the next screen will present a bar with Audio/Video/PowerPoint files from that meeting.

media bar

Topics and Presenters?
Posted: 01/16/2015

Is there a particular topic you would like to see presented at a meeting???

Do you have a presenter in mind???

Would YOU like to do a presentation???

Contact the Meetings Director on the contact page!

Would your company like to sponsor a meeting?

Do you have a sponsorship suggestion?

Contact the Sponsorship Director on the contact page!

We will consider all responses!
Job Opportunity Information Needed
Posted: 06/25/2014


We are Serious about connecting our members seeking employment opportunities with work.  Know of an opportunity?  

Please Provide us with the information, preferably in this format:

Job Title:

Salary Range:
Job Start Date:
Job Duration (fulltime, part-time, etc.):
Job Location:
Job Qualifications:

Job Description:

Contact's Name:
Contact's Company:
Contact Company's Address:
Contact Company's URL:
Contact's Phone #:
Contact's Fax #:
Contact's Email:  (REQUIRED)
Expiration Date 

Follow the link to Job Opportunities and paste it all into the message box.  The box is expandable to see more.(rest assured it will fit.)

Please provide as much of the above information as you can: at least the descriptions and contact information.


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